About Us

The rapid industrialization has dramatically increased the demand for metal materials especially in industries such as engineering, electronic component manufacturers, automobile and construction.

Kahf Precision Sdn Bhd was established to meet the global demand for metal industries’ projects. A wide range of metal of various grades and sizes can be solutioned for global customers, via a strong metal manufacturing base in Johor.
Project experience focuses on precision laser cutting in mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and brass, as well as metal fabrication for companies from Korea, China and Malaysia.

We welcome collaborative opportunities to expand our market access to Korea, Australia, Singapore, Brunei, China, United Kingdom and European countries.
The machine size is 2.5m x 6m and comes with an interchangeable platform. The total length of the machine is 40ft, width is 8.25ft and comes with 12000W Laser Sources.

The minimum thickness for mild steel 0.5mm to the maximum thickness 50mm

Stainless steel minimum thickness 0.5mm to maximum thickness 40mm

Aluminum minimum thickness 0.5mm to maximum thickness 35mm